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Sunday, June 11, 2017

I'm back!

After being sick for over 2 weeks, I've finally had a solid 2 weeks of training. I had to drop 3 workouts and 2 long runs, which really bummed me out. I've been bumming around thinking this sickness was going to ruin my run at Grandma's next weekend, but I have a little more confidence now that I've nailed some workouts. I've got fairly good speed right now, but I'm not sure if the endurance is there. It could feel like a really long 13.1 miles next weekend!

We went ahead and changed my schedule around a bit to compensate for the sickness. I haven't been on the track since before the Half champs (early April), and would usually have 2-3 more workouts on the track. I haven't done any of my "staple" workouts.

Unfortunately, I ended up with something that eventually got deep into my chest. After 9 days, I finally gave in and got some antibiotics - then it was another 5 days before I felt like I could even attempt a fast workout. However, I was able to still run some short, slow, easy miles. Call it fresh legs (or maybe I didn't loose as much fitness as I had thought) but I NAILED a 6 mile tempo last weekend. The was run solo with Marshall joining me via the bike for 5 miles of it.

Then, on Wednesday of this week, I attempted a 3 x 2 mile with Marshall in tow. It wasn't easy as I would  have liked it to feel, but managed to run all of them right at goal half pace to a couple seconds per mile faster than goal pace.

Throw back to last year when I ran my PR!!
Lastly, this morning I ran another solo workout that I call "mini (ice cream) sandwich". Basically a tempo, followed by a short fartlek, followed by another tempo. I just shortened the segments a bit since Grandma's is next week end! Again, I was gearing the tempo portion to be close to goal pace, but the last tempo ended up being a quite a bit faster (5:30 pace - oops!). Hopefully I didn't get too carried away. I did have what I now refer to as my MAGIC SHOES. They are my new racing flats, and I figured I should probably run a workout in them. I'd rather the first time I have them on my feet not be during a race. Haha :)

Now I just have a small tune-up workout early this coming week and then it's just time to get the legs fresh and hope for the best. Realistically, a PR is probably out of the question, but hopefully I can run similar to what I ran in April.

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